This was my last week at Recurse Center in person; we’ve closed as a precaution for the COVID-19 pandemic and are going fully remote for at least the remainder of my batch.

COVID-19 and everything surrounding it is all so far outside my ordinary that I don’t really have mental models to deal with it. I haven’t seen anything like it before, and everyone else I talk to hasn’t either. I’m not even sure what to write, which is a weird feeling for me personally.

I came to Recurse Center in part to break away from the increasing isolation I felt living in San Francisco. I’m so glad I did. I’m incredibly fortunate to not be alone through all of this. I have my roommates. I have recursers (online, through Zulip). I have so many people I can call and talk to. I started this blog off with a post about how screens don’t have to separate us. I guess now I’m testing it for real.

So many things that happened at RC this week—a game jam, a circuit building workshop, people jamming together in the music room—feel like hard things to replicate remotely. I believe we can do it. Recurse Center is an incredible space to be in, but so much of that is because of the incredible group of people I’ve been there with.

This definitely feels like the end of something, but I’m still at RC for the next eight weeks. There’s still a new batch starting (remotely) in two weeks; if you want to do RC but couldn’t make being in New York physically work, now is an excellent time to apply.

I don’t know how to end this post either. Thanks for reading.