Hi, I'm Dylan
I'm an SF-based software engineer often going by dylnuge online. This is my self-indulgent potpourri of projects and writings on software and everything else.
About Me

I've been messing around with computers in some form or another for as long as I remember. I've jumped all around as a developer; I've worked on frontend web applications, backend systems, databases, infrastructure, APIs, and most buzzwords could probably fit somewhere on this site (except "blockchain") but I'll avoid the boring details there.

I really enjoy understanding how systems come together and interact with each other. A good bug can be extremely fun, I love designing clean and consistent APIs, and spending the time necessary to ensure that my systems are simple and usable. I believe that being capable of explaining something to a non-expert is a fun baseline for understanding it.

I'm not an expert in most things, but I'm always trying to learn new things. I'm currently working at a company called BlueVoyant on processing data related to networking and the Internet. I'm learning a lot about the underlying structure of network traffic and might prepare a talk or article on it sometime soon.

Outside of work, I enjoy learning about linguistics, energy, and video game design. I'm a big fan of adventure, and spend a lot of time camping or backpacking—my most recent expedition was along the John Muir Trail. I'm also a fan of running and karaoke.

Thanks for stopping by!

Projects, Articles, and Talks
Smashing Stacks

I did a talk for BlueVoyant on the concept of stack smashing and the paper by Aleph One. I ran it as an interactive session where participants got to smash stacks in the process. The talk recording is not publicly available, but check out the slide deck or GitHub repository which contains both the example code and original Keynote file.


Nonfiction articles I've written about technology and the tech industry.

Other Random Things

None of this stuff is quite complete, but if you're looking to deep dive into random stuff I've made public, here it is.

Getting in Touch

I'm at least pseudo-active on most of the services linked below. If there's a dylnuge on a Slack, Discord, or IRC channel you're in, it's probably me. I try to reply to personal emails, but I usually ignore unsolicited recruiting emails (nothing personal, I promise).