Hi, I'm Dylan
I use the username dylnuge online. I'm a software engineer living in San Fran­cisco. I love playing with computers and diving into systems to under­stand them. This is my personal website.
About Me

I've been messing around with computers in some form or another for as long as I remember. I've jumped all around as a developer; I've worked on frontend web applications, backend systems, databases, infrastructure, APIs, and most buzzwords could probably fit somewhere on this site (except "blockchain") but I'll avoid the boring details there.

I really enjoy understanding how systems come together and interact with each other. A good bug can be extremely fun, I love designing clean and consistent APIs, and spending the time necessary to ensure that my systems are simple and usable. I believe that being capable of explaining something to a non-expert is a fun baseline for understanding it.

I'm not an expert in most things, but I'm always trying to learn new things. I'm currently working at a company called BlueVoyant on processing data related to networking and the Internet. I'm learning a lot about the underlying structure of network traffic and might prepare a talk or article on it sometime soon.

Outside of work, I enjoy learning about linguistics, energy, and video game design. I'm a big fan of adventure, and spend a lot of time camping or backpacking—my most recent expedition was along the John Muir Trail. I'm also a fan of running and karaoke.

I'm not totally sure why you're here, as there's not much content right now. I intend to post random work and projects here as they come up. In the mean time, I'm glad you chose to stop by!

Getting in Touch

I'm at least pseudo-active on most of the services linked below. If there's a dylnuge on a Slack, Discord, or IRC channel you're in, it's probably me. I try to reply to personal emails, but I usually ignore recruiting spam (nothing personal, I promise).