About Me

My name is Dylan Nugent, and I work in software. I’ve been an engineering manager for the better part of this year. Before that I spent around five years working as a software engineer (at various companies, with various seniority, in various departments, and having various honorifics) in the San Francisco Bay Area.

More importantly, I enjoy building systems, understanding systems, and writing about how they work. The blog posts on this site aren’t connected by a more complex theme than “things I want to write about.” Usually that’s software or management. Sometimes it’s music, running, backpacking, mental health, or video games.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out—my Twitter DMs are usually open, and I’m available on Keybase and Signal if you’re concerned about privacy. I’m also a member of a number of tech (and non-tech) Slacks and Discords. Chances are good if you see a “dylnuge” it’s me.

If you’re looking to hire, I’m flattered but not actively looking for a job right now.

Thanks for stopping by!

Projects, Articles, and Talks

Smashing Stacks

I did a talk for BlueVoyant on the concept of stack smashing and the paper by Aleph One. I ran it as an interactive session where participants got to smash stacks in the process. The talk recording is not publicly available, but check out the slide deck or GitHub repository which contains both the example code and original Keynote file.


I’ve written a couple of nonfiction articles in places other than this website. Here they are.

Other Random Things

None of this stuff is quite complete, but if you’re looking to deep dive into random stuff I’ve made public, here it is.